When to hire a freelance SAP Business One Consultant?

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July 31, 2017

When to hire a freelance SAP Business One Consultant?

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Living in the Gig Economy provides businesses with more opportunity to make use of freelancers. This is also true for businesses running SAP Business One.  Let’s take a brief look at four reasons when hiring a freelancer makes sound business sense.

Pull in specialist skills
There are quite a variety of instances when specialist know-how is needed to augment your team. In-house teams rarely have all the necessary experience or skill to handle everything that comes along or what is required. This is especially true when specialised tasks are involved. A few examples are:

  • Further design and development work;
  • Custom add-ons;
  • Cleaning up technical debt and fixing problems.

Get expert advice
At various points during the lifecycle of your SAP Business One system you will need solid advice. A seasoned freelance consultant can be of immense value. In our experience veteran SAP B1 consultants are especially well exposed to quite a mixture of different businesses enabling them to draw from a wide pool of experience.

Find a temporary staffing solution
A reality in our industry is the regular in and out flow of talent. A good freelancer can help you close the gap until the right appointment can be made.

Save money and make your budget work
One of the biggest benefits of hiring a freelancer is allowing you to cut costs.  You save by not having to invest in training or spending on health benefits. And you definitely save by being able to upscale and downscale according to your specific needs and tasks at the time. It saves time. It saves money.

The nature of freelancing is all about creating space for greater workforce flexibility. But real flexibility can only be achieved when it’s built on the ability to get the job done effectively. This is what sets a good freelancer apart from the rest of the pack. At B1Collective we aim to bring exactly that to the table.

Talk to us about your specific needs and requirements. We look forward to helping you and your team.