12 Travel tips for frequent flying SAP Business One consultants

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12 Travel tips for frequent flying SAP Business One consultants

International travel is a routine part of the job for many SAP Business One consultants. It makes for a pretty demanding and always on the move lifestyle. Through the years we have learned a few helpful travel habits and tricks to make the whole experience as smooth as possible. Here are twelve of our favourite travel tips:


1. Access to an airport lounge is a necessity.
Hopping across time zones, lugging your baggage around, waiting for a delayed flight or dealing with all the travel admin AND keeping your mind on project is challenging. Which is why you need a space within the bustle to regroup. Welcome to the wonderful world of airport lounges. An oasis of peace, quiet and extra support for air travelling business folk. There are many options available as well as different ways to get access. Whether through your airline status as a frequent flyer, your specific credit card or through a paid service such as Priority Pass, it is definitely worth it.

2. Be mindful about your health.
Racking up frequent flyer miles is simply put, unhealthy. You are exposed to more germs, higher radiation doses, the risk of deep vein thrombosis is real and to top it off, all the travel stress and sleep deprivation do not play nice with your mental state. Apart from that, catching some nasty air travelling bug and being sick in a different country is a very bumpy ride to deal with.

So yes, it pays to take extra care of yourself. A few simple tips we found helpful over the years are:

  • Always carry antibacterial wipes with you and use it to clean surfaces you will be touching inflight
    and even in the airport lounge, where you are spending some time.
  • A saline nasal spray during flight helps remedy the effects of the dry cabin air.
  • Stay hydrated. Water yes, alcohol… No.
  • Boost up on Vit C pre and post-flight.
  • Definitely, talk to your health practitioner and get solid advice.

3. Be ready for jetlag
When you cross two time zones jetlag becomes a reality, especially when travelling West to East. It is not something you can avoid and if you are running on a tight work schedule, it is often difficult to be proactive and adjust your sleeping pattern a few days beforehand. Our best advice to take on jet lag is:

  • Avoid leaving in haste, pack a few days early and create space for yourself to leave
    home well rested.
  • Do what you can to catch sleep during the flight.
  • A lot has been written about jet lag. Read up and experiment to find what
    works for your own body. Here is a great post by Jodi Ettenberg to start you off.

4. Save copies of your important travel documents in the cloud.

Copies of your personal documents can be very helpful when you have to deal with the admin of a lost or stolen passport.

5. Money matters.
Travel with more than one credit card and to be safe, notify your banking establishment that you will be travelling before you fly off to another country. It is a huge hassle if your transaction is suddenly blocked because it is flagged as suspicious.

6. Four essential pieces of electronic kit.

We never leave home without  these:

  • Laptop
    No matter the brand, you a need a sturdy axe. We prefer to use Dell Latitudes mostly because of their global warranty and support.
  • Travel Power Adapter
    Plugs from other countries comes in a wide variety of different designs. A travel power adapter is indispensable. Here are a few good choices.
  • Power Bank
    Whether it’s your smartphone or laptop, batteries die and a portable power bank can be a lifesaver.
  • Noise Canceling Headphones
    When you settle in for a 12 hour flight and the baby in the row behind you is having difficulty with ears not popping or just for the pure joy of some sweet rock & roll sounds at 35 000ft.

7. Get an extra toiletry bag that always stays in your travel luggage.

Doubling up on personal toiletries definitely saves packing time.

8. Invest in good durable luggage.

Sadly if you travel frequently it is only a matter of time before something gets broken. Choose luggage that is durable, sturdy and light. We prefer Tumi but there are many good brands.

9. Travel light.

After a few trips, you will see notice that you don’t use everything you pack. Cut the extra weight. Traveling light makes the whole experience easier.

10. Loyalty programs are worth it.

It helps to pick and stick with a particular program and accumulate points to gain special perks, deals and upgrades. Choose both an airline and hotel program.

11. Travel agents?!

A good travel agent that understand your specific needs can be exceptionally valuable. They can save you time and money. But do learn the ropes of finding and booking your own flights as well. Especially as a freelancing SAP Business One consultant. Two quick tips:

  • A great place to check flight prices is via Expedia. Book at least three weeks ahead to get better deals.
  • Always try to choose your seat. We use SeatGuru to help us make a better seating decision.

12. Nurture a good travel attitude.

The stresses and demands of being a frequent flyer are very real. It helps to find something that you particularly enjoy about the whole experience. And when you do hit a rough day, remember a friendly smile toward the airport and flight staff goes a long way. Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.



We love learning about new ways to make travel better. If you are a SAP Business One consultant and you would like to share some of your own tips and ideas, do send us an email.

Happy travels and good wishes!